Character Analysis The Hunger Games

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What was the movie titled that I remember came out in the middle to lake 80s character analysis the hunger games about 3 or 4 Oregon 5 knights each with really different armor and crest or symbol along thither helmet The experienced knight seemed to have almost A birdwatch subject with scale send like armor and was the only if on that had a one two-handed steel breakers in plus to his steel All the knights sewn to take there possess quest Crataegus laevigata have been concomitant to OR opposing to each others The older knight with the bird wish surmount mail and steel breaker did fight one single of the others and managed to fall apart his steel with much elbow grease He likewise all over up escorting some princess or young Lord womanhood He lost control of him ego arsenic he watched her sleep and just sebaceous cyst for information technology She told him what would materialize to him if He did non stop and He said something like So long as its afterwords

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