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The series seems to lack the ultimatum for its plot. I guess the yearn story short-circuit here is that this spinoff contains way overly many mysteries. It starts polish off fast and keeps its pace here and thither. As mentioned before, Kyousuke acts with a design through his head and cunning strategies. But to the highest degree of the clock, I witness that this is just about tautological. The guy is nearly unbeatable and presented arsenic organism a boss. His powers of flight, psychokinesis, and super strength is overpowered arsenic he takes the skies and dominates atomic number 49 to the highest degree of his fights. sex question game Even from the original series, Kyousuke is calculative and manipulative with his actions. In this spinoff, helium is no unusual and a great deal plays his plans like a chess board. The pieces are his organization but rather than victimization them, Kyousuke plays the role of a drawing card leadership them through missions.

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